Publishing and *Creative Content*

Creative writing for web pages and blogs, original content for newspapers and magazines, and the design of content to be used in publicity and marketing…

In addition to Branding and Visualization, Urbana, Inc. also provides literature and publishing services. Among these services is Editorial Coordination: Once the drafting process of a book has been completed the next phase to come is the coordination process of the editing, evaluation of the duration for each phase of the process, including the time required to promote and create social media material once the book has been published, with the goal being for the product to reach as many levels of reception as possible.




Additional services include Editorial Design: This process transcends the design of the book cover… It is the design of a publication in every aspect, from evaluating the typography to the graphic and visual conceptualization that publications generally require, in every type of publication, including newspapers, magazines, children’s illustrated books, as well as technical and scientific manuals, among others.

We also provide the service of Digital Edition: A specialized design service for adapting to all available levels of interaction provided by the digital world. This design requires a layout and orthographic correction for use in ebooks, enriched books, audio books and apps. In this sense, we offer an outstanding advisory role for the modification of written material in cell phone applications, providing authors with the possibility to increase the number of platforms to which their content can be distributed.

If you can dream it, we can produce it…

Once your project is ready for publication, we’ll be at the ready to begin the Press and Marketing Campaigns: The design of a communication strategy for the edition and publication of a book, press releases, broadcasting, promotion on all platforms, online as well as offline. Additionally, these services include the design of community management, the creation of social networks, and the product’s web presence. We’ll take every approach we can to maximize the exposure of your product across every available platform.

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