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Audio + Video creative design and production.

If you’re reading this right now… you’re one of the few! Did you know that 60% of the people visiting your site will watch a video rather than read text if given the opportunity? Or that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine! And that having video content on your website helps pop it to the top of search engine results pages? So what are you waiting for?! If you’re ready to take your branding, company or product to the next level, we’re ready and waiting to get started.

Client: Persona
Date: 2015-10-08
Services: Audio + Visual


Whether for branding, marketing, or publishing never underestimate the power of the right audio + visuals.

Corporate Video: designed to provide an understanding of all the products and services a brand offers and share your company culture.
Video for events: designed to document events without interrupting or impacting the spontaneity and emotionality through an appropriate conceptual narrative of the event and an intentional editing of the material.
Advertising Spots: ad spots generally last less than a minute, making them ideal for use on TV and on certain internet platforms.
Video clips: a short film made to connect with the viewer in an emotional manner. We concentrate on creating a performance that contains the necessary ingredients from the point of view of creativity and experimentation.
Documentary Cinema: the goal of the documentary is to find the means through which a particular story achieves its greatest transcendence.


How do you set your company apart from the rest in the new era of social media and instant gratification? 

Navigating the digital world is our specialty… We combine innovative branding and digital strategies together into one perfect creative vision. If you have a dream, we can help you take that vision and make it a reality. Whether it’s designing your brand’s identity, curating your presence on social media, creating ad spots and corporate videos, or writing customized content for your website and marketing portfolio, our team has the creative drive and the experience to help make your company a game-changer.


Cutting through the noise

With the right marketing strategy, you can develop a successful media campaign that’s specifically targeted to your existing audience and to new customers. When you have a clear message, backed by a strong vision that’s evident in every aspect of your marketing strategy, the results will speak for themselves.

“The Urbana,Inc. team inspires confidence... Their ability to understand our company and our culture and to help us share our vision with the world was the best experience we could have hoped for. Their innovation and creativity was a breath of fresh air!”

Andy Daley Creative Director at ARCH TV

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