Digital Strategies… What are They?

The latest catch phrase in branding & marketing: digital strategies… What do they mean for your company?

Digital strategies are a way to incorporate all of the digital platforms available today into your branding and marketing plan. Creating a social media presence for your company, from LinkedIn and Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, as well as blog sites like Tumblr or image-based platforms like Pinterest, these tools have become the new means to developing a devoted group of followers who may become your next client or customer.

Developing ad spots and corporate videos can spark interest and lead to the “click” that means your next sale. Research shows that videos are shared up to 1200% (!) more times than text or links and that video promotion may be up to more than 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined… Those are powerful numbers!




Of course, nothing is as important as the research… You have to know who your target audience is and get inside their heads. These days, we’re learning the importance of being able to predict the future. Not only do we need to know what the customer wants today, but also what they’ll want tomorrow and the next day. Once you have these insights, it’s easier to position your brand for success.

Cutting through the noise

With the right marketing strategy, you can develop a successful media campaign that’s specifically targeted to your existing audience and to new customers. When you have a clear message, backed by a strong vision that’s evident in every aspect of your marketing strategy, the results will speak for themselves.

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